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musicBox (CasaTunes) Software

To update your CasaTunes music server, use CasaSetup, the CasaTunes Administration utility, to install the latest update. To start CasaSetup, enter the following URL in a browser that is connected to the same network as your music server:

  • If using a Mac: http://musicBox.local/casasetup
  • If using a PC: http://musicBox/casasetup
  • Otherwise: http://<ip address of music server>/casasetup

To update your music server, select CasaTunes Update, and then select Install Update

CasaTunes 5
Major: v5.00.180815
Minor: v5.00.170925

Check the Release Notes for information on any new features and fixes in the latest release

CasaTunes 5 Manual Install
Version 5.00.180815

Download this release on to your music server and run Setup. Only use when there is no Internet access for this site

View latest release notes for CasaTunes 5
musicBox App for Android
Latest Android App
Version 5.00.170607

For phones and tablets

Older Version of Android App
Version 5.00.170607

For phones and tablets

musicBox App for iPhone and iPad devices
musicBox 6
Version 8.95

The musicBox 6 App is available for download from the Apple AppStore.
Requires iOS 8 or later

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