The Configurator Tool

David Krinker
August 9, 2018

One of the tools we provide musicBox 6 DIY customers and prospective customers is the Configurator Tool.  The purpose of this tool is to provide customers with a complete set of documentation, simplifying the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of their musicBox 6 whole house audio system.

The tool is a cloud based service, and allows you to create, change and save your own project at anytime.  You must setup an account for your project. You can use your Facebook, Google or email credentials to provide secure access to your project.

When you create a project, the Configurator Tool  prompts you to enter the rooms in your home where you plan to listen to music.  Given this information, the tool then automatically determines the SKUs you will need to implement your project, as well as a checklist detailing each step required to configure and wire your musicBox 6 music server and power amplifier.

You can select to configure each room in one of 3 modes: Stereo, Bridged or AVR mode.

Stereo, is the default mode.  When this mode is selected you simply connect your room speakers to the Left and Right Speaker Output connectors on your musicBox multi-room power amplifier.

If you require more power in a room, you can connect your speakers in Bridged mode.  When this mode is selected one zone on your musicBox multi-room power amplifier is used to power the Left speaker, and a second zone is used to power the Right speaker.

Select AVR mode when using an AV Receiver (AVR) and its speakers to listen to your music in the room. In AVR mode you connect your musicBox multi-room power amplifier pre-amplified output to an input on your AVR, for example, the CD input.  

When playing music in a room configured for AVR mode, the musicBox will control your AVR, powering on the AVR and switching to the specified input when you turn the room on, and is completely seamless to the musicBox Apps.

When configuring a room to use the AVR mode, you must specify the AVR Manufacturer, the AVR input to use to connect your musicBox pre-amp output to, how the AVR will be controlled, the AVR unit number, and which AVR zone the musicBox will use (if your AVR supports multiple zones).

Your musicBox can control your AVR using either serial (RS-232) or IP control.  We recommend using IP control if your AVR supports it, otherwise you will need to install a USB-to-Serial adapter on your musicBox for each AVR.

Your musicBox allows you to connect more than one AV Receiver from the same manufacturer.  To differentiate between these units, you must specify a unique unit number for the device.

If your AVR is a multi-zone AVR, you can connect a room to each AVR zone, for example, you can connect the Living Room to the AVR Main Zone, and the Master Bedroom to AVR Zone 2. Simply select the AVR Zone to use for a room.

Once you have purchased and installed your musicBox 6 system, you can use the musicBox 6 Configurator tool to automatically configure your musicBox (select Configure my musicBox option).  This option is automatically enabled when the Configurator Tool discovers your musicBox on the network.  Simply selecting this option automatically loads your project configuration onto your musicBox.

The Configurator Tool is designed to make the musicBox 6 the simplest professional grade DIY multi-room audio system to setup, simplifying the design, automating the documentation, providing great flexibility, and simplifying the configuration of your musicBox system.

Checkout the Configurator here.